Passengers’ rights and damages for Bodily Injuries

The law firm HENRY TIERNY AVOCAT ASSOCIES is regularly involved for plaintiffs or defendants in cases of bodily injuries sustained by passengers and caused by accidents during cruises, crossings and travels by sea, air or land, etc.

Familiar with the numerous domestic, European and international legal texts on the subject, we assist and represent our clients in out-of-court bargaining or before the courts for:

medaillon passagers 
  • Provisory and definitive damages
  • Expertise and evaluation of personal, bodily and non-material damages and of financial, professional and economic damages
  • Civil and criminal liability claim
  • Ensuring accountability of those responsible, and of social security bodies and insurance companies

We work with medical and technical experts in order to give our clients all the best to succeed.

Thanks to its experience in the field of passenger transportation accidents, HENRY TIERNY AVOCATS ASSOCIES has extended its competences to the management of other kinds of accidents (domestic life accidents, medical accidents, sports…).