Laurence HENRY, Doctor in Law, Lawyer at the Marseille Bar

Laurence HenryLaurence HENRY started her law carrier by dedicating herself to research and teaching in international and public law, in France and abroad.

She has kept from this first professional experience, the demand for rigor and the taste for boldness and legal creativity.

Since she became an attorney, she has kept her dominant activity dedicated to international law focusing on transport law and international private law.

Thanks to her strong legal culture, she is able to deal with other cases such as public law or personal affairs.

After four years of association within the RBM2L law firm with Edward TIERNY, the decision to create together a new Law Firm, called SELARL HENRY TIERNY AVOCATS ASSOCIES, appeared evident and challenging.

Their partnership means to create a new dynamism in their work as attorneys and to beneficiate from the synergy and complementarity of their professional and personal profiles.

Based in Marseille, Laurence HENRY and her Law Firm HENRY TIERNY AVOCATS ASSOCIES are dedicated to intervene domestically as well as internationally.

Laurence HENRY is a member of different professional associations:

·         Member of the Commission for International law and the Commission for the foreign nationals from the Bar of MARSEILLE

·         Member of the French Association for Maritime Law (AFDM in French), the Mediterranean Institute for Maritime Transports (IMTM in French), and the French Society for Spatial and Air Law (SFDAS in French)